Interested in personalized cartoon art or an animation from Cards By Harris? There are a few simple steps. To begin send an email to describing in detail what you want your artwork to be. I will contact you with a price quote for your request. Personalized full-color animated works are usually $75-85 for single panel animation, $50 per each additional panel. I'll require an upfront payment equaling 50% of quoted price billed you email via Paypal invoice.  After initial payment I'll create your art sending you a black & white "proof" awaiting your approval before moving on to final artwork phase.  When final artwork completed and approved I send Paypal invoice for final payment. After this payment you receive via email your final finished artwork! The entire process usually completed within 5-7 business days. Just send  that email to get the process started!

How To Order Personalized Artwork From Cards By Harris!